Spam Filtering is tough work…

As I have written earlier, I am getting much more serious about getting the spam out. It seems to be a tough challenge on many levels and involves a few steps which make things more complicated than they should be.

Discussing SpamFire on the mailing list has been an interesting. It seems that I am far from alone in my desire to simplify the process a bit.

SpamFire works with your mail program but captures mail within its mailbox instead of tagging things for capture as they come into your mail program. This is OK, but not ideal since it means that you must actually check two places to make sure that all your mail is getting through. In a perfect world, (well my spam free world anyway) SpamFire would run in the background allowing it’s sophisticated filters to run, but flagging mail as it passed through. This would allow your existing mail rules to run, filtering normal messages where you want them but also capturing “tagged as spam” messages to your Junk folder.

If this was the case the time you need to take to work over and tweak certain rules would be much simpler. You would also be able to spend less time reviewing mail and more time corresponding.

End users are not the only ones faced with this challenge either. ISPs and corporations are trying to deal and take the load off users but it is not an easy task by any stretch.

AT&T WorldNet has to defuse a risky spam-filtering technique introduced only a day ago after subscribers discover they are losing legitimate e-mail.

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