I want my Mystro TV

A secretive team of AOL Time Warner executives has begun talking with other major cable operators and media companies about speeding up and co-opting the potential revolution that TiVo kicked off. The company’s system, called Mystro TV, is AOL Time Warner’s gambit in an imminent battle over the future of the television business. Satellite services, cable systems and television manufacturers are all racing to promote their versions of the TiVo-like technologies that threaten to wreak havoc on networks and studios, and AOL Time Warner wants to put its own stamp on the evolution of the medium.

Its plans will turn in part on whether the company can end two years of internal discord following AOL’s acquisition of Time Warner. If the company’s often antagonistic divisions can cooperate, their collective arms reach to all sides of the television business. The company’s Turner Broadcasting and WB are the largest collection of networks. Warner Brothers is the largest television studio. And Time Warner Cable is the most technologically advanced and second-largest cable operator.

[New York Times]

Assuming there are not more ads peddled at me via the downtime on pause of course… this sounds like good tech to addd to their already very powerful set-top box…

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