Safari -> Open Tab Sets

I just realized this was possible though it has been sitting there all along.

If you have found a way to v64 of Safari you can choose to Control+Click on a folder in your Bookmark Bar and quickly open all the Bookmarks across the window as a tab set. Nice! I have been missing this functionality in a serious way since I left Chimera/ Camino. Well say good-bye to Safari Tabs, I just eliminated it from my Dock. It only opened new windows anyway. Now I have the efficiency of a single window with all my sites in one place.

UPDATE – It really is Friday… You can also open right in tabs when the folder drops open. The option is right there at the bottom.

This is a great way to have implemented things. I like having the option for all or one. With Camino, once you create a set, it is locked unless you are viewing from the bookmark drawer…

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