An interview with NoteTaker’s Scott Love

AppleLinks writer John Martellaro has posted a Q&A interview with AquaMinds founder and NoteTaker braintrust Scott Love…

[Applelinks via Mac Net Journal]

John: Can you share with us some ideas about where you think NT is going?

Scott: We have announced several product features that will become available this year including more outline processing features (naturally), Palm/PDA synchronization, more XML output support, (we do OPML right now), Keynote integration, more Web notebook features, and a new application approach code-named SilverStar which I think will make NoteTaker even more useful for OS X users.


I would also suggest reading the following reviews on Applelinks and OS X FAQ.

I’ve been using it for most of the day, easily (without first exporting) importing my OmniOutliner files and maintaining my notes for client and daily business. This is clearly the Mac OneNote you have probably heard about that MS is developing and currently in Beta for XP and Office 2003. I would strongly suggest you give it a whirl. The first trial copy I used limited the number of items in an outline, which killed it for me. Now you can get a 30-Day trial which has all the functions.

I’m hooked…

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