MailBlocks to Challenge Hotmail, Defeat Spam

Seems very interesting and could be a winner for many people currently hooked on WebMail and getting slammed by Spam. I think they should offer a free trial though to show how easy it would be to start using a different service as the average WebMail user is not paying anything and probably reasonably comfortable with how things currently work. I would want to see that you also get POP or IMAP access for the fee you since this is now a “premium” service…

Update – The NYT is covering this story today as well. And now so is CNet

I got briefed on this last week (lauches today, was sworn to secrecy):, which aims to unseat Hotmail as the preferred web-based email application with one secret weapon: effective spam blocking. It uses a “challenge/response” technique (i.e., anyone sending you an email not in your address book or to whom you’ve sent emails in the past will be sent an email asking them to demonstrate they are human using CAPTCHA). I demoed it for a week, and it seems to work reasonably well. Costs $9.95 a year. Started by Phil Goldman, co-founder of WebTV. I think this will be a winner. I also expect they’ll be this week’s media darlings.


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