Back on AvantGo…

It has been about 2 years since I used AvantGo since they do not support Mac OS X. If you have the right device you can sync directly to the server rather than using the computer. The trick is getting the files onto your palm since the install only comes as an .exe file for Windows. I tapped a friend who was kind enough to install the software and extract the three files you need to get going.

If you are not sure what AvantGo is imagine having a nice set of bookmarks and the content from the sites in your pocket. It’s offline browsing/reading, though the app does support online browsing as well. I have found the browser to be quite good, comparing nicely to the (NetFront) browser Palm has built into the Tungsten series.

I am using the OS 5 beta and so far it is very impressive. The color and hi-res functions are really nice. It is easy to quickly fill the free 2MB you are allotted and I am considering the $19.95/yr. to enable up to 8MB of reading. While Plucker certainly works and is completely free, it is also a bit of work to get it going and to update each time. Using the built-in wifi connection, I can update my 2MB allotment in less than a minute. This is perfect as you walk out the door for the subway or to catch a flight…

The beta files were last updated on March 26, 2003. They have been working extremely well for me and I would recommend this to anyone with an OS 5 Palm device. You just need to bring your own connection. I’d be interested in hearing how those with other Tungsten devices might be doing syncing over bluetooth which should work well also.

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