MSN for OS X

I noticed MSN for OSX launched today…

The interface is very nice. I find it to be very similar to the Windows version and very easy to use. There are a few tweaks from the Windows version like the addition of a calendar button right at the top level. What’s missing though, are the deeper guided links within each content area. This is a nice bonus for the average user and I can’t quite figure out why MSN would choose to leave that stuff out. Photos is also suspiciously gone.

You can’t view the same page as a buddy, which I suspect is due to lack of “NetMeeting Light” that seems to be part of the MSN messenger client.

You can very easily deal with email and calendar events as well as contacts but for some reason (again) there is no sync and no import. You start from scratch…

Outside of a few additional quirks (trying to get Bejeweled to play was impossible) the service seems pretty solid overall.

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