Print Center Repair

I am in desperate need of a permanent fix to my Print Center… I’ve tried the fix from Apple and I’ve tried Print Center Repair, the app, but I can only get things to stick for a day or two before my system forgets that I have printers set-up.

If I try to print without checking to see if the system is ready, whatever app I am in freezes up. When I fix things, I have to reboot, which is not exactly convenient for work.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this??? Please…

UPDATE – With the update of Print Center Repair today to 3.0, I think I have finally figured out what my issue is. I can fix the print center app, by starting the CUPS Daemon Process (cupsd). Not sure why this turns off and gets all out of wack, but I do know how to (now) fix this and keep my system running without having to restart!

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