So nice…

At the end of a truly hectic day at work I was greeted by an amazing piece of Spam. This is better than a previous note I received. Though not as wacky, it is certainly creative and even though clearly spam, worth re-publishing…

You Can Purchase 1 Acre of Land on the Moon $29.99. Stake Your Claim Now

Moon Land For Sale, unbelievable, but true.

The Perfect gift
Great Long-Term investment
You retain full mineral rights
A Great conversation piece

Stake your claim

In 2003, the Trailblazer, a TransOrbital mission to the Moon, will deposit the names of the property holders listed in the database, on the actual Lunar surface.

Each package contains the deed for one acre of land and it lists the actual location of the property by quadrant, latitude and longitude.

A lunar map accompanies this, marked with an X showing the location of the property.

1 Acre of Land on the Moon $29.99

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