Time Warner Cable dials in phone service

Things are getting extremely competitive with integrated service offerings for telco… Cable vs. DSL is a serious game. Seems the Cable guys have an advantage, since coax can carry more data and it can handle phone. DSL providers can not offer TV – at least not today. Just for comparison… we recently signed up for the AT&T One Rate in NYC which is unlimited local, regional and domestic LD all for $55/mo. Time Warner is rolling out the same package for $40/mo.

AOL’s Time Warner Cable is expected to announce Thursday it has begun selling unlimited local, in-state and domestic long distance telephone service to subscribers.

Time Warner Cable’s “Digital Phone” will cost $40 a month and be available only in the Portland, Maine, area. Time Warner’s trial offering is similar to experiments with telephone services from rival cable providers Comcast Cable Communications and Cablevision Systems.

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  1. i had my phone svc turned off but now need it on. i sent in my balance. how long will i have to wait for new service? i hope not long.

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