iListen update improves speed, accuracy

MacSpeech Inc., the Mac-only speech recognition company, has updated iListen to version 1.6. iListen has “TalkAnywhere” technology, which lets you dictate into a variety of Mac applications. It translates speech to typed text and characters anywhere you would normally type. iListen is speaker dependent, meaning you have to spend some time “training” iListen to the unique cadence and timbre of your voice. However, it can handle multiple users, each with their own speech files. [MacCentral]

This is a fantastic application for those users needing dictation for any purpose. I used it extensively when my arm was in a cast (twice) and found it made things infinitely more productive. In my experience, this is a better solution than ViaVoice, having used both.

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  1. Have you tried iListen without creating a profile for a user? I would like to use this product for college lectures however, there are numerous instructors and I don’t want to impose on them. I’m curious how accurate iListen would be without a profile.

  2. I have not done that… I don’t think that would work that well based on the lack of a profile though. You might try asking others within the mac speech list communities though as there may be some experience there.

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