Broadband homes want faster, reliable Net

Households upgrading to high-speed Net access are basing their decisions on practical necessities rather than a desire for splashy graphics and streaming videos, a new study shows. [CNET]

In a survey of 525 U.S. broadband households, faster Net access and a freed
phone line influenced consumers’ decision to upgrade from their dial-up
accounts significantly more than watching streaming video and downloading
music. The study, conducted by market research firm Strategy Analytics ,
also showed that broadband households check e-mail and search for
information more than access audio or video content.

“The broadband market today in the U.S. is still being driven heavily by
access and basic features and availability rather than a move to what we’ve
all been waiting for–where premium services and content would become more
important,” said James Penhune, a Strategy Analytics analyst.

Not for the reasons many have thought. It’s all about convenience and reliability — at least for now.

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