In the past few weeks a lot has changed at work.

First, I was transferred to another company within our holding company, but I still maintain full contact (as you may or may not expect) with the previous organzation. We are actually trying to work even more closely together and my move is an interim step if anything.

My role, however is evolving on a weeekly basis. We have a very different structure in the new organization and I am now finding myself within our technology group, which is perfect for me. As you might gather (if you’ve read more than this post) that’s a good fit. I will be bridging technology to marketing and back again, across clients and within companies globally as well. It’s an exciting time for sure and only time will tell where I’ll end up.

Part of moving involves not only my physical shift (across the street), but also how basic apps are used. In my previous world, I used Entourage to do POP3 messaging and Meeting Maker for shared calendaring. I synced all that to my palm…

Now, since we are on Exchange, I use Entourage in IMAP mode to read and keep synced with my Outlook desktop which I use when remotely connected to the office. IMAP is pretty cool and something I finally get since I am actually using it. If you like (or have) to do email from different machines, as well as the web, I would highly recommend it. It keeps folders of your choosing synchronized across points of access. You can store copies of messages locally on your main machine so you don’t have to worry about not having things while in transit – a place I often find myself. I’ve also stopped using Meeting Maker completely and now just sync everything through the rest of the modules within Entourage.

Of course now that I am adjusted to the new way to work, I have to get ready for a much more drastic shift… Notes. By the end of the summer, we (all companies in our group) are moving to Lotus Notes. The adventure continues…

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