An amazing reduction in Spam

Since moving with my job, I am amazed at how much less spam and as a result how much less email I get. I am going through a slight withdrawal from constantly responding to the new email sound, but in many ways feeling good about this change. I know we use a spam filter at the network level which is taking care of some of my issue, but I think the main thing is that 2 legacy domains I used for about 7 years are no longer forwarding to my newer email. This is great! I still get all my work email and none of the former BS. POPfile is no longer being used since it does not work with IMAP, but I am not really getting any spam … whoa. What few are coming through are now picked up simply with the Entourage Junk Filter.

I went from 48% spam, to less than 1%. Let’s see how long this can last!!

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