more and more software

So, I can’t help but play with software…

I’ve been messing with Firebird and Mozilla and really think I am beginning to favor Mozilla to Safari as my browser of choice.

Trying to get into the WikiWeb as well… what do you use? I’ve tried Twiki, MoinMoin, SnipSnap, VoodooPad and Tinderbox…

I’ve yet to give Tinderbox a fair shot, but it seems pretty complex and yet comprehensive as well. According to a comment posted by Mark Bernstein, from Eastgate Systems, you can write locally and then move pages back and forth between your system and your hosted wiki.

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  1. I’m actually a fan of the one available on Ward Cunningham’s site, the original Wiki. (

    But there’s a great one for emacs floating around out there that’s a live client (i.e. it creates links as you type into the wiki.) But becoming an emacs head might be a bit of a stretch just to use a funkalicious wiki (written in lisp of all things.)

    I only just found out about Tinderbox’s wikiness a couple days ago, so I have yet to stress that out. But it might fall short because I really have to have multi platform support. So I’m currently using a combination of my home brew one, the emacs version, and Ward’s.

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