Tinderbox 2

ROCK ON! Just got an email announcement from Eastgate announcing the release of Tinderbox 2 AND of the Tinderbox Wiki which should be doubly interesting. (I REALLY hope the wiki is a new feature of Tbox. That would make this old geek very very happy.)

[The Universal Church Of Cosmic Uncertainty]

I’ve been playing with various Wiki systems and while there is a Wiki for Tinderbox, it is not based on Tinderbox itself which tells me that like VoodooPad, it is simply still a local system, that can export to html.

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  1. Tinderbox is client-side — what you call a ‘local’ system — that provides a lot of powerful tools for making, analyzing, and sharing notes. Tinderbox supports real hypertext links, smart agents, and now also supports wiki-style links.

    Tinderbox has some other nifty support for wiki-lovers. For example, if you use a Wiki that stores native or ‘plain’ pages, you can move data back and forth by dragging your wiki files into Tinderbox (automatically updating changed pages) or exporting Tinderbox to your wiki (again, export will only touch changed pages)

    It’s very cool.

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