Scalable RSS Aggregators

Dave endorses the view, stating that “the three-pane `feed reader’ is a disaster, it’s merely recreating a mess I want to run away from. I like having a new queue every few hours.”

I think I have hit upon the ideal solution: a single folder with all the RSS items in an email client, like what our Info Aggregator does for the following reasons:

– it allows me to work within an application I know very well (the email client) and not learn (or download) something new
– the IMAP support ensures that I have a sync-ed RSS store irrespective of the computer I access it from
– the single folder elimintaes the wastage of working through differetn folders. Email clients have a sort on the source, so in case I want to view (or delete) all feeds by date or source, it is a matter of a couple clicks.
– search within the feeds is possible via the email client search itself [E M E R G I C . o r g:]

I have to agree… only a couple of days into Info Aggregator and I’m hooked! I do include a few rules, though for things I know I generally want to read later (BBC and NYT) and certain blogs I know I want to see immediately as they are updated.

I don’t think the three-paned interface is broken… bad habits are bad habits so if you can
t deal with volumes of email, than perhaps slowing down the number of subscriptions in your aggregator would be a better idea.

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