Roll your own Google feeds

Great stuff….

Today I want to introduce you to three Google query solutions that are accomplishing incredible feats with RSS and Google search technology.

1) Google Alert – Track any search query from your favorite news aggregator. A variety of cool settings are available once you are signed up. My only gripe is that it is primarily focused on email alerts and I had to dig around before I found the RSS settings in the “toolkit”.

2) “It’s Google.rss” – I like this tool for query tracking better than Google Alert because I can get to making my RSS feed right away without the login interface and other annoyances. It is a great example of “no frills” ingenuity at work.

3) Gnews2RSS – The holy grail of RSS news feeds, in my opinion. You can finally get Google news without being bound to using or any other ad supported RSS generator. The webmaster of Gnews2RSS encourages users to host their own version of this tool with his script. A link back to the script’s author would be appropriate if used for personal use. [Lockergnome]

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