26,000-Hit Wonder Keeps It Hopping

Mike Stuto, the 36-year-old owner of Hi Fi and the co-creator of EL DJ, says it has the biggest selection of any jukebox in the world. “The reason it’s a great idea is because it’s a simple idea,” he said.

Mr. Stuto’s basic idea was to digitize his music collection and make it available in a jukebox that held far more than the standard 100 albums. EL DJ, or Extra Large Digital Jukebox, includes tracks from 1,798 full-length CD’s in Mr. Stuto’s collection. [New York Times]

The software for this baby is going to be made available for purchase. Seems that it will cost about $20 for the personal, not the commercial version and could be a very cool way to view and listen to your collection.

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