Email Encryption for OS X

…something that has always been on my todo list has been setting up encrypted mail. I use OS X’s Mail application so I went a googling and found a great howto on setting up gnupg with Mail with a plugin for Mail named GPGMail. [O’Reilly]

Cool to do… though of course like a walkie-talkie is not so much fun when you only have one. Finding other people who a) want to and b) are able to communicate securely is not that simple beyond basic “can you hear me now” BS.

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  1. Any word on whether or not it’s interoperable with Outlook’s “encrypted email” toys?

    I really think the time for this is coming. The latest round of virii and worms have my questionably computer literate friends asking me about email encryption.

    I can’t get a straight answer about interoperability though, and without that, it’s all pretty much for naught.

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