NBC launching attack on competitors by tweaking PVR owners?

Note the time of the Scrubs premiere show. It starts at 8:32PM. huh? Coupling is a new show that also sports an odd time slot: 9:27PM-9:58PM. ER starts at 9:59PM that same night. Friends runs for 47 minutes and is followed by a 39 minute long Will and Grace. What in the hell is going on? My TiVo is currently reporting these start times as the actual slots for this Thursday and next Thursday’s line is mostly back to normal, but ER starts a few minutes early as well.

It appears that NBC might be doing this to tweak PVR owners wanting to record CSI or Survivor over on CBS opposite their shows. If you had a season pass for both CSI and ER (both shows would likely have audiences that overlap) and you wanted to record ER you wouldn’t be able to tape CSI during the preceding hour, thanks to the minutes of overlap that would produce a conflict.


Good thing my DVR box has two tuners…

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