My Dock

So the latest mac blog rave is to post your doc thanks to an O’Reilly article featuring some prominent mac users and their docks

Here’s mine:

I am currently keeping the following in case you don’t recognize some icons:
iChatAV, Status Symbol, AIM, Lotus Notes, Mail, iCal, Address Book, Safari, Mozilla, Thunderbird,, Mozilla Firebird, Hydra, HyperEdit, VoodooPad, StickyBrain, Remote Desktop Connection, Acrobat Reader, NoteTaker, OmniDictionary, OmniGraffle Professional, OmniOutliner, Preview, Palm Desktop, iSync, HotSync Manager, Documents To Go, PGP, iView Media Pro, iTunes, Kung Tunes, NetNewsWire, , iBlog, Dreamweaver, X-Chat Aqua, Central, Kung Log, Transmit, SpamSieve, CPU Monitor, Terminal, LaunchBar, System Preferences, Tri-Backup, Copy Paste, APOD Grabber (gets the Nasa photo of the day), Speed Download, Word and a Folder Shortcut to my Reading folder

Damn that’s a lot of stuff… guess that’s why I keep it nice a small at the bottom. I’ve tried the sides and it just doesn’t feel right to me.

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