AvantGo Sync on OS X

Many people have found this site searching for AvantGo information thanks to a few posts I’ve made. (You can search the side there if you are looking for an older one.) I’ve even posted the AvantGo 5 files on my own server but that seems no longer necessary as AvantGo has finally released the device executables so you can install the official files now if you have a wireless device.

Today I discovered a new twist which seems to solve the sync issue on OS X… AvantGo has yet to release an official version for some reason, even though many other developers have done so, and their old partner in crime, Vindigo was early to the game. Anyway… Malsync is a UNIX tool that enables command line connectivity if you have a serial connection – not something many of us have anymore. AvantGo USB Sync takes it to the next level enabling (as you might guess) USB connectivity for local syncing on OS X.

I can’t confirm yet that this works for AvantGo 5, as I cannot yet get my laptop to connect with my Palm, but it does seem to be a valid solution to a long outstanding ommission in Palm/Mac connectivty.

Update 10/18/03… I did have an opportunity to speak with the developer and so far it seems that only certain devices are actually supported by the current USB sync function above. Newer devices are not yet supported unfortunately, so Tungsten users (at least the C, the one I have) won’t be able to use this just yet. Support is on the way.

I had a strange crashing issue on my Palm while trying to run AvantGo this morning and had to re-install. Thought I’d give the AG hosted (above) files a shot and fouund them all corrupted in some way (all versions). I went back to my own posted file and installed again with no issue. Not sure what is up with the AG hosted ones… if you need an install, I’ll keep mine up there.

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