Hell hath Frozen…iTunes for Windows

Apple launched ITMS for Windows today… nice work! Let’s hope it kicks some serious ass!

I am updating my iTunes, iPod and Quicktime software at the moment through Software Update and will report back…

CNN has the coverage…

News from CNet

Seems that essentially the revised iTunes is basically the same but with some nice enhancements in the music store itself. First, Allowances and Gift Certificates which I think are a great addition and make it feel more like a real store – at least the GC’s do. Allowances are clearly set up for families to allow kids to purchase but within reason…

The addition of audio books is also very cool. I am not (or have not anyway) been a big audio book user, but with everything nicely inside iTunes and the ITMS, I can’t see why I would not check it out. I’ve got at least 40 minutes of travel time daily that I could use to “read.”

I can’t speak for how the Windows version works as I am just on a Mac here. The store itself seems to have been redesigned with some additions in content, including celebrity playlists.

One additional point of interest from the Press Release:

Apple® and America Online, Inc., the world’s leading interactive services company, today announced an alliance to provide instant, one-click registration to the iTunes® Music Store for AOL’s more than 25 million U.S. members starting later this quarter. America Online will integrate links to iTunes artists, albums and songs throughout its leading music site, AOL Music, which will give members the option to link directly to the specific iTunes Music Store page to preview and buy music as they browse and read music news and reviews.

wow – that is super cool. Go APPLE!

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