Carriers come together on common short-code service

Great news for those people looking to incorporate Mobile Messaging into campaigns… about time actually. There have been companies who have maintained a carrier specific solution which is not exactly the most idea way to manage things – unless of course you are promoting that carrier.

Twelve of the nation%u2019s top wireless carriers have joined forces to launch a common short codes, a service that will be commercially available next week.

“The program will allow TV stations, movie studios and virtually any other business to purchase a five-digit text messaging code and use it to interact with the vast majority of the country%u2019s 151 million wireless subscribers, a system widely used in Europe, reports RCR Wireless News.

The common short-code service will work through the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA), and their easy to remember URL is Any interested business can log on to the site and purchase a short code. The codes will cost $500 per month for a randomly generated code or $1,000 per month for a pre-selected code”. []

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