Palm Releases WebPro Update and Sale

Palm has released a update to the WebPro browser, that ships with the Tungsten T3. The update makes a number of fixes and speeds up performance. Palm is also now selling a stand alone version of the browser for other handhelds. [PalmInfocenter]

Since the download was there I tried to install on my Tungsten C… no dice. It says I am not authorized to run the program which sucks. This seems like a much more robust browser than the one that came with my device but no way is it worth $34.99.

Seems ridiculous that Palm is releasing versions of software for certain Tungsten devices and not making this stuff more generally available for existing users of certainly compatible units.

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  1. I’ve used a copy of this on my TC and it is a much improved experience in general from the default browser they initially load you with.

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