New Drive…

Just in time for Panther, one of my external drives started failing on me. This is sadly, not the first time this drive has crapped out. I took action and replaced it not wanting to risk losing the almost 80GB of music I’ve got archived there… I picked up a second La Cie D2 drive – 200GB – and consolidated my tunes which were spanned on both the 80 and another La Cie D2 120. Now all my music (all 134 GB) is in a single place which is nice so I have one folder neatly managed by iTunes – love that Advanced menu!

I wish I had a clue what was causing the issue on my drive… I was not able to maintain a finder based connection of any kind long enough to do a complete transfer. I tried moving through the finder and even FTP which worked mostly. I finally ended up resorting to rsync, whicih is an amazing tool. I was able to recursively copy all I had from two mega directories into a single one. I had never used it before, but I found all the help I needed with a bit of Google.

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