Nicecast offers Internet streaming under OS X

Rogue Amoeba Software has announced Nicecast, an new application to broadcast music using Mac OS X: … [MacNN]

This looks outrageous! You can broadcast any audio from your Mac with this and then tune in yourself or tell others – across any platform.

Update – Gave this a shot tonight and was a bit under-whelmed. First the good… it looks REALLY pretty. It’s very simple to configure and get set up to stream. The bad… On my home network, the iMac was my server streaming to my Powerbook through iTunes. You open a URL (icy://ip-goes-here:8000) and you are streaming whatever is playing in iTunes on the server. I had some drop-outs which are not something I thought would happen given the number of times I’ve streamed music to myself at home and at work. I’ve done this using SliMP3 as well as remotely mounting my external drives and streaming as if connected locally to iTunes.

For some reason there is a delay in what you play. I was not aware this was the case until I manually changed tracks… I was unable to initiate a Mic either internal input with the iMac or with my Griffin iMate. I guess I could have tried the iSight, but frankly I did not think to try.

Seems like a lot to pay 40 bucks for this when my FREE slimp3 server software does a better job with no delay. PLUS, you can control what you listen to remotely without forcing the local machine to hear everything… did I forget to mention that part??? Unless you put the Mac on mute, you’ll be listening to the broadcast as well.

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