NY Marathon

Today as I am sure you know is the NYC Marathon and my sister is running for the first time! So far she is kicking some serious ass – maintaining an average Pace Per Mile of 8:25 and looking at an estimated finish of 3:40:42.

You can look up any runner you know is going for it today courtesy of the Marathon Tracker, which is a very cool use of the runner radio tags everyone has on their shoes. For fun, we checked and can see that so far Leslie is kicking P Diddy’s ass as well.

OK – Final info is in… Leslie ran an amazing 3:47:39 in her first marathon! Diddy is still running…final time – 3:58:22. This beats his goal of 4 hours and should be what he needed to complete the mission of raising money for NYC Schools. He actually raised $2 Million, a Million over his goal!

Now that the Marathon is over, you can check how people did in a head to head simulation

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