Final Day of Jury Duty…

Today is my last day of Grand Jury service… four Weeks, three hours per day finally over.

I’ve learned some interesting things in the time and I thought I’d share:

  • If you’re a moron, don’t visit NYC and expect to find fame and fortune with a fortune teller
  • Shopping can be hazardous (that includes Payless Shoes, Macy’s, Barney’s, Duane Reade and Rite Aid)
  • Stupid criminals commit stupid crimes. Sure you can learn that one from Cops, but seeing it in action is amazing). Related to this one… if you do need to commit a small crime, leave it at that… assaulting someone only gets’ you jail time.
  • If you need to drive with a gun or drugs in your possession, choosing one seems to be better for your charges
  • Marrying a guy already on Rikers Island only leads to trouble
  • If you decide to commit check fraud, at least get the details of the checks correct for either the bank or the place you are ripping off.
  • When someone suggested that they can help you with your money problems because they work at the bank, think twice…
  • When at Port Authority, don’t let anyone help you with your bags … or your money

I supposed there are some other obvious lessons like a crazy amount of crime (that gets reported and for which arrests get made) takes place above 113 street.

All in all, not a horrible experience… though there were some horrible crimes we had to listen to.

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