Intense Spam…

I’ve been clearing out quite a few spam messages allegedly from a site called cardercrew which is being abused as a joe job. Here’s a list of what you might consider buying from these guys…

  1. Heroin, in liquid and crystal form.
  2. Rocket fuel and Tomahawk rockets (serious enquiries only).
  3. Other rockets (Air-to-Air), orders in batches of 10.
  4. New shipment of cocaine has arrived, buy 9 grams and get 10th for free.
  5. We also offer gay-slaves for sale, we offer only suc h service on the NET, you can choose the one you like, then get straight to business.
  6. Fake currencies, such as Euros and US dollars, prices would match competition.
  7. Also, as always, we offer widest range of child pornography and exclusive lolita galleries, to keep out clients busy.

I’m not recommending any of this of course… just find it amazing that mail like this continues to be sent.

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