Feature Request for Safari ….

I’d love to see the addition of a warning for windows being open when you accidentally hit Apple+Q instead of Apple+W. Sometimes I move too quickly and lose a window full of open tabs… Mozilla asks if you are sure you want to close the XX tabs.

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  1. Sure, that sounds all good and dandy. I hope Apple listens–and, changes it. But, how about getting them to make a separate button for STOP. It urks me that the STOP/RELOAD buttons are the same. I cannot get animated GIFs to stop loading, like I can in Internet Explorer. Either that, or they should have an option (like IE,) to disallow these pesky GIFs from loading.
    That said, I don’t have any other complaints from Safari.

  2. In I.E. holding down the Command key and clicking on the mouse turns the cursor into a hand which permits moving the page around a la Adobe Reader(sans Command key.)

    Woudl love to have it in Safari

  3. I’d like dynamic content to be threaded. (using your mouse causes all dynamic content to freeze while the mouse is pressed)

  4. good suggestion!

    here’s mine: a better download manager would be nice. ability to choose download location on the fly. the way it is now, a download will ONLY go to the predesignated download folder. also being able to queue downloads would be nice too like in IE.

  5. A save function that would allow you to do things such as save a selection of a page or selected text

  6. Improved printing functions to meet the standard set by IE would be nice. The ability to drag tabs into the desired order, or from window to window would also be great. How about a “New Window From Tab” option?


  7. How about making the CTRL-MOUSE CLICK (or hold MOUSE CLICK on item) work like it does on EVERY OTHER BROWSER I have seen: Contextual menu opens?

  8. I have been waiting for a way to “Send Page”like IE and Netscape did, without having to cut and paste and launching a mail program.
    If Safari has it I haven’t found it. It should work with Mail and Entourage.

  9. How about fixing animated gifs as background images?

    These sites display well in nearly every browser:


    but Safari insists on not animating background gifs… For some reason, OmniWeb displays them correctly using Dafari’s own WebCore… OmniWeb also has trouble displaying other animated gifs, which in turn behave correctly in Safari, go figure!

    Other than that, Safari needs a proper download manager, and should manage FTP downloads as well… In my case, invoking an FTP download from Safari launches Internet Explorer each and every time, which drives me ballistic.

    Dragging a link from within a web page to an empty portion/existing tab of the tab bar should open the URL in a new tab/old tab.

    One should be able to drag the tabs around (command-click’n’drag) like toolbar items. Same goes for the order of the main Toolbar items, incidentally, it should be user-configurable like in every standard window toolbar.

    Right now, Safari’s preferences allows a custom stylesheet to be used to display pages, what about a built-in bare-bones stylesheet editor?

  10. > I have been waiting for a way to “Send Page”like

    Don’t know about Jag, but in Panther two menu selections:
    -Edit->Select All
    -Safari->Services->Mail->Send Selection

    Will place the web page (text & graphics) into an email in Mail.app. Probably have to futz with the layout in Mail.app…

  11. There are several things still missing from Safari that ALL browsers should have. (1) Resumable downloads. In Safari, if you stop a download for any reason whatsoever – the program crashes, you quit the program and have to start again, you momentarily loose your online connection, or if you don’t have the time to complete a large download – then Safari is not able to resume that same download where it left off when you relaunch Safari again. You’ll have to start over again from scratch. This is a big big pain in the butt that Safari does not do (but IE does). So this is something that needs to be fixed. (2) The ability to save levels of links from a site and not just the links on the current page. This also is something that IE and other browsers offer. Where you can choose to save not only all the links on the current page but also download any link material from other pages depending on how many levels you want to go deep. This is a feature I use a lot that needs to be added. (3) Safari has a huge problem where on a lot of graphic rich sites, some images on the page is not saved or downloaded with the file when you save the page. Because I use a dial-up connection, 90% of the time I use the Save As command of browsers to save the whole page to my desktop for reading later, offline. But it truly annoys me when I open a file later that’s been downloaded by Safari and half the images that I saw on the page are now missing or blank or has the little question mark representing missing images. That truly truly needs to be fixed. Safari has that problem so bad, I currently have to use Camino or IE for my download needs, but I prefer to use Safari. This needs to be fixed. (4) In other browsers, they all have the ability when you’re on a web page that has a graphic that’s linked to a larger size graphic, you can Control click on the graphic and choose the Download Link To Disk command, and then a navigation box will pop up for you to choose a suitable location to save the link to. You then choose a location, provide a new name for the file, if desired, then click ok, and the file downloads to the location of your choice. Safari does not do this. In Safari, when you control click on something, a menu does pop up for you to Download Link To Disk, but strangely it does not allow you a choice to rename the file or to change the location for the file to be saved. Your only option is to accept OK, afterwards the file automatically downloads to the desktop or whatever is the default download location. This is so annoying, and another reason why I don’t use Safari. I visit lots of Image Gallerys which has hundreds of images and links, and I like to pick and choose lots of various images to download. Some may have duplicate names, and when you encounter them and you’re downloading them all to the same folder this can be a problem (so the previous file won’t be overwritten), so it’s vital to be able to rename the new file to something else or whatever I want before saving it. It’s also vital to be able to save the files to wherever I may want on my hard drive, instanteously, and not always to the same place. So all these things needs to be fixed. Other browsers already provides this capability well. (5) In Safari, there are no options to save the web page in various formats. Other browsers provide choices (Web Archive, HTML Source, and Plain Text). Sometimes I truly need to save a page in something other than Safari’s default format or to pdf. But in Safari, there’s no option. (6) Something which may not be directly about Safari, but sometimes I do have to take a screen capture of something when I’m on a web page or if the page won’t download right, and Apple’s Command-4 Screen capture system feature needs the abilty to be able to save the captures in other formats and in something other than pdf if I wanted to. I like pdf, but I hate pdf’s ALL THE TIME!!! Sometimes, especially when you’re screen capturing a graphic image, it’s far more convenient for me to have the screen capture saved as a PICT or as a TIFF (so it’ll be directly openable and editable in PShop later) rather than as pdf. Having to use Preview’s export command later all the time and on every image just to change formats from pdf to something else is so uncool. One should be able to just change the default capture format in advance. This is something that truly needs to be fixed. (6) This is probably a continuation to what I already said above, but whenever I go to graphic rich sites, and then save to desktop a copy of the page, Safari seem to have a problem downloading most larger jpegs and tiffs that are on the page. It seems to download and save most small gifs fine, but has a huge problem with larger on-page jpegs. Once such site that Safari has a huge problem with is this site: http://www.creativemac.com/2003/11_nov/tutorials/lwlighting031112.htm. This site always has lots of valuable tutorial material. I like to save the whole page for offline reference later. But Safari can’t handle it. Whenever I save the whole page, I’ll get the text but not the tutorial reference images. This is a pain. Without the related tutorial images the page is totally useless to me. Therefore I have to turn to other programs. This is truly something that needs to be fixed. In summary – Safari I feel is a very good program and web browser. But it still has a ways to go. I don’t know why it is taking Apple so long to fix these problems and obvious bugs with Safari. But if they think Safari is somehow already perfect then they need to look again. It’s a very good program, but it still has problems and a ways to go. But hopefully these ideas and comments will help. Cheers.

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