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I’ve noted StandAlone’s Hand/RSS Palm news reader previously, but I’ve been using it much more lately and think it is definitely a winner. In my brief email exchanges with them, it’s clear that they are not only listening to the users, but also working to make some serious improvements to the app. I was emailed a version last night which fixes the main gripe I had – no cut and paste for for adding subscriptions. This allows you to import, though one-by-one, subscriptions from a memo file. Eventually, there may be a more true import function and possibly a desktop sync. I’d be happy with that!

If this app could post to blogs, it would be a killer communications tool. As it stands now, my practice has been to simply mail articles I want to read more on. This is a pretty simple process though it took a bit of trial to make it even easier. By setting your email address within the defaults (not to be confused with resetting the app to it’s defaults), you can drop an item in an email to your self in seconds. You simply tap and hold on any article, hit mail article and an email addressed to you is initiated in your email app of choice (SnapperMail in my case). I’ve been sending these to my outbox rather than sending immediately since I am usually reading while on the subway or I just know there will be others to mail soon enough. This lets me batch them in one shot and receive them back at my computer to then either read more fully or blog through NetNewsWire. You can also choose to open any item within the Palm browser if you choose… what you do all depends on your method of connection.

It costs 14.95 and is definitely on my list of apps to buy.

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