Mobile Download Managers

Anil linked to PalmOne’s new Addit app which I think is awesome. It allows you to view and choose from a list of PalmApps, which you can then download and run immediately or “Over The Air”/OTA. This is an awesome step for the Palm platform, which up until now has always assumed that you would have a PC available to install applications. [Russell Beattie Notebook]

This looks great and if you install and register now, you can SplashClock free which is a 9.95 value. I’d really like to take advantage of this deal and the app, but unfortunately PalmOne and Bluefishwireless (the provider of the app) have decided to only release an .exe installer which comes with the PC conduit. It would be nice for wirelessly enabled apps to come just as PRC files or just .zip files which would give you the option of actually using the conduit if you wanted, or if your system supported it.

I’ve got an email into support… we’ll see how it goes.

Update – Apparently, March will be when we can expect to see a Mac version with a wireless only download about a month earlier. Stay Tuned…

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