Net-based RSS Aggregators

This is an area where there seems to be plenty of action of late. Bloglines, myFeedster, FastBuzz, MyWireService and Kinja coming up. I still use our Info Aggregator, with all the feeds delivered to an IMAP mailbox and which I then read in my mail client. [E M E R G I C . o r g]

No idea why this is such a hot topic to blog on, or why there are so many services coming out. I’ve tried them all and keep coming back to NetNewsWire. I guess I like the read to post in my blog feature too much. I also like the way my feeds are managed into groups.

Ideally, I’d like to see a desktop-webbased-palm system so I could read the same feeds in multiple places, keeping track of course of what was read and unread.

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  1. Since I recently linked here from a more current post, I thought I’d mention that Bloglines does support sync across machines including wireless access… The best part is that as soon as you connect to the site, it’s all there. There is no sync, it’s more like access…

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