Out of your F**cking mind!

Though Quiznos landed on our Dumbest Moments list for its wolf-nursing ads, I was always a fan of those bizarre spots. Now, the sandwich chain has come up with another winner, albeit even weirder. Featuring the Spongmonkeys of RatherGood fame, the ads feature creepy sock-monkey-fruit-bat hybrids singing ridiculous, arhythmic, poorly penned lyrics (“they are tasty / they are crunchy / they are warm / because they toast them / they got a pepper bar!!!”) in a stilted, off-key style that would make Ween proud. I don’t know about you, but those little ditties really make me want a sammich. See for yourself here. [business2blog]

No no and NO! The Quiznos ads are horrible! The nasty creatures that sing off key are about the least appetizing salesmen you would want for a FOOD product. I just don’t get it actually and find that especially living here in NYC … aka Rat Central … they are a total turn off.

There is a Quiznos not too far from where I live that prior to the ads, I was actually thinking of giving a try. Now though, I am not going to consider giving them my money and am certainly not planning to eat one of their rat-wiches.

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