Eastern Standard Tribe

I finished reading Cory Doctorow’s excellent second novel, Eastern Standard Tribe via Palm Reader Pro, which has some features that really seem worth the upgrade from free.

First – the book was great! I really like the kind of science fiction that is like 5 minutes into the future and in this case feels very real based on the situations of the characters and the world around them. Even though it is 2012, it might as well be tomorrow, if not yesterday. All the things you know about the world and how it works are very similar. The use of technology is not just for the sake of technology but threaded through in a logical way the way you might expect things to evolve in the time frame.

The Pro version of the Palm Reader software really adds some nice perks – mainly color. You might not think color would add much, but I found that by using a light brown/yellow colored background and brown type, the retinal burn from the black on white was not as severe which make the act of reading more enjoyable and easier to do over longer periods. I found myself reading in the dark the past few days while Hannah was sleeping and the change to color made a huge difference for me. In addition to color, you also get a dictionary/thesaurus, but they are not as comprehensive as you might like, though you might not have the storage on your device or expansion card either.

I would definitely recommend the book. You can read it for free electronically in most if not all formats and can certainly buy it as well from your usual sources.

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