Will DVD mean VoD is DOA?

DVD is going to be single biggest roadblock for massive deployment of Video On Demand. Mike Walsh writes that, “After a decade of whispered promises, the prospects of video on demand are finally looking up. Certainly the current buzz about a possible Comcast/Disney tie up has started the rumour mill up again. But with Hollywood already addicted to the consumer love affair with DVD, is it too late for VoD?.” [GigaOm: Om Malik’s Broadband Blog]

Just my opinion here, but I don’t think so. VOD is pretty damn convenient and if they can get a deeper catalog going and even add HD, I don’t see it going away just yet. Sure DVD offers a great high quality experience, but you have to buy or rent it, which takes planning, when with VOD you can just click it with the remote. In theory, you could enhance the broadcast further with multiple streams and data layers… I think they are just beginning to get going.

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