How long should it take for customer service?

I sent an email to Six Apart today at 2:47 pm EST about my data corruption issue. I was given an email address to use as a paying customer for support and expected that I would hear back shortly, yet I have not even received an auto-responder stating that my message even got to someone’s mailbox.

Since you’ve made a premium-level donation of $45 or more, you are
eligible for a higher level of support. To initiate a help request,
simply email us at (withdrawn for now). Priority support requests
will be elevated to instant messaging as required, and you will receive
IM contact information in the event such support is needed.

Seems in theory that the system is there — but so far zippo from Six Apart. I expect prompt service as a paying customer (since it seems most people are not and simply rely on the P2P methods within the support forum), am I being unreasonable? The whole reason I decided to pay was for the support…

UPDATE – 11:11 pm …Just got an email from Ben at Six Apart. The help begins!

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