Macs help The Spamhaus Project take on spam

“With Mac OS X, we can flip vital services onto backup circuits and IP setups in seconds, trace attackers and weather the storm without our services being interrupted. I don’t sit around wondering how many crackers and script-kiddies are hammering our servers; I know those Macs aren’t letting them in.”

Linford’s main servers are Power Mac G4s and Xserves, but the heart of his network is a G4 Cube that maintains his Spamhaus Block List (SBL), which involves feeding real-time database changes to 300 worldwide servers that help more than 200 million SBL users reject around 8 billion spam e-mails a day. He notes that, except for reboots required when installing or upgrading software, he hasn’t needed to restart the machine since 2001.

“It’s an amazing piece of hardware,” Linford says. “There’s something very special about Macs in general, which starts from the moment you unpack one and discover that every component is a work of art. And working in Mac OS X simply doesn’t feel like hard work; there’s a feeling of calm about the OS.” [Computerworld]

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