We Interrupt This Search to Show a Full-Motion Ad

Seems that Unicast’s Full Screen – replay your existing 30 second spot – is a hit with advertisers and apparently even the viewers. I for one am glad I don’t have Windows running as WMP 9 is required to see these… I wonder whether the people who watch don’t know to skip (if that’s even possible) or if people are just accepting that intrusive ads onsite are a way of the surf now…

Encouraged by the initial results, advertisers have begun a new round of full-motion video commercials. [New York Times: Technology]

Although they can charge up to three times as much for these ads than static Internet ads, some Web site executives say they will only show one such ad daily to their Internet users.

“It’s such a disruptive moment,” said James Spanfeller, chief executive of Forbes.com. “You’ve basically asked to go to a Web page and all of a sudden you’re not there. There’s no science to the frequency cap, though. It’s more that we think it’s the right thing to do.”

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