Rock and Roll Remotely

I knew Regal Cinema was looking to get into expanding the pre-show entertainment at the movies, but this is a whole new take on what you can do at the theater. I caught myself thinking this would actually be a cool thing for someone in my situation (young baby makes getting to a concert impossible given the nature of the concert atmosphere) and going to the movies is already something I know we can handle having done so a bunch of times. The theaters already have great sound and picture and unless you get good seats you are pretty much watching on a screen anyway – at least at the big shows. Who knows… this just might work.

Rock’n’Roll Multiplex. So, now you have a choice. You can fork over $49.50 for a nosebleed seat to see Prince live at Staples Arena in L.A., or you can splurge a big fifteen bucks to see the same concert simulcast live at any of 40 Regal Cinema movie theaters, reports Eleena De Lisser in The Wall Street Journal. [reveries – cool news of the day]

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