Things I love about WordPress…

So far WordPress is a very cool system. It’s fully dynamic, which means that there is no rebuilding when you post, edit or delete – unlike MoveableType which can be a serious pain in the ass in that regard – not too mention a time hog if you find yourself tweaking (itself a time sucker) or deleting spam or just making the occasional edit.

Those days are over with WordPress. Not only can you edit and delete without worry, you can actually edit your posts right from your own page. You don’t login to a control panel like MT in order to make an edit, you can click the continuously helpful Edit This under each post title. I can get right in, make the change and republish the post in seconds – with minimal effort.

I am also digging the enhanced New Post functions from within the UI itself. Once you are under the covers… you can utilize the quick buttons to insert quite a few HTML tags without writing them in. This isn’t a major technical achievement as (in Windows mostly) you can do this in other systems, but I find it to be enormously helpful.

Nightly builds… Sure you don’t want to run a real site with bleeding edge code, but it’s nice to see that there are daily changes and fixes occurring which allows you to maintain confidence in the community building this fine system.

There are many other features which I am sure I will comment on as I go… For now though I like it enough to be considering a full switch. I might just use a redirect on the /mt site initially and post in the new feed url for this site as well. Have to see how it goes.

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  1. WordPress is by far the best blog system. I see you wrote this post almost five years ago… i can't imagine how was wordpress in 2004. On each update we get excellent new features!

  2. The worst problem with the internet today is the internet abuse. It started from a few idiots but wordpress in unbeatable. I got a racist comment on my blogs, I sent the IP of the user to the police and I banned him/her…. You have the upper hand. It's lovely

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