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As I mentioned I am sticking it out here with WordPress as the system is very flexible, very easy to use and very fast. One issue I was having mentally with the shift was all my linkage externally from posts I’ve written on MT. I’ve tracked many new visitors from Google, Yahoo and many others… This is fortunately no longer an issue!

Alex King of Tasks fame wrote a magical Moveable Type template that solved this issue. Basically it replaces your individual archive template and following a rebuild, will auto-redirect your permalinks from MT to the right spot in your WordPress site.

This all started with a post to the support forum which you can read here…

I should note here that you will have to change the way MT generates pages BEFORE using the new template. You are probably set on html (weblog config) for how your archives get built. You’ll need to switch this to php and rebuild to generate all the pages. Once that is done you can use the file and then rebuild the individual archives once more to get it working.

I am still working on a .htaccess redirect for my .html files to redirect to the .php ones so that they can take advantage of the new template as well. This will automagically push someone from Google to the right spot in my WordPress site. Right now I am getting a 500 Error and will need to try again in the am…

Alex posted the script for download on his site.

UPDATE Alex revised his work and added a 301 permanent redirect to the doc so search engines will see that the new site is live and the same content is available. I am pretty sure I am the first person to use this as he did write the code based on my inquiry. It rocks. Last night we could only get things to direct to the date from the external references. The new work, allows the site to pass the new info along. This is most excellent!! Thank you thank you Alex King!

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  1. I tried your link to Alex’s script & couldn’t find it. Has he removed it or am I not looking in the right place? I wonder if you could visit the pg. & give me the exact name of the script or link to its download?

    I’m tearing my hair out after failing at countless attempts to write mod_rewrite rules for htaccess so that my Typepad links (.html like MT) convert to WP format. Nothing works. Do you know of anyone who might help me w. this–even for pay?

  2. Wow – shot in the dark here since this is so old, but I’m desperately needing help with the same thing.

    I’ve got the original MT in the root.
    Temporarily put the new WP in subfolder ‘wp’.
    Imported the old MT posts into the new WP. Looks great so far.

    Now I need to move the WP to the root, and figure out a way to do this redirect thing.
    Do I remove the MT installation? Do I keep it, and just do the redirect? How do I do the redirect?

    Feeling like a bumbling idiot here, but this is my last hope for help! Please?!

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