Palm OS Cobalt Upgrade Coming to Tungsten T3

According to this there will not only be no new high end model (replacing the T3) but the T3 itself will be allowed to upgrade to the next full generation of Palm OS. This is great news and provides hope that I really did buy the right device last fall. I love my T3 and hope the upgrade is coming. There is so much power under the hood that could only be further enhanced with what’s there…

Information has already leaked out about several new models supposedly coming from palmOne. However, all of these are expected to run Palm OS Garnet, the current version of this operating system.

If palmOne is going to release a Cobalt upgrade for the T3, this might explain why there have been no reports of a new high-end model coming from this company. It won’t be releasing a new device running Cobalt, instead it will begin offering the Tungsten T3 with an updated operating system. [Brighthand]

Update April 3… Brighthand has removed their link. perhaps this was just a belated bit of April foolery.

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  1. Oh I do wish it was true. I love my T3 so much (scratched screen and all) that it would be hard to just go and buy a newer model just to get the newer OS.

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