Wieden & Kennedy Launches Ad School

Certainly exciting to be able to work on real clients, but paying for the privilege seems wrong to me. Why don’t they just pay less and call them interns or even entry level like everyone else.

Independent Wieden & Kennedy has launched a school, called 12, for aspiring advertising professionals. It’s a 13 month program in which student will do real work for real clients. While any good school should cost good money, and this one does at $13,000 a year, it seems strange that an ad agency would make someone pay to work on their clients. While clients worked on by 12 students will be charged a reduced rate, Wieden will still pull in that fee as well as the $13,000 per year for each student in the program. Sounds like Wieden is getting a good deal here. OK, I’ll admit there’s something in it for the students as well. [Adrants]

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