Omarosa, You’re Fired!

From what I understand Thaler has already shot the spot and used Omarosa in a recent AAAA presentation. This only confirms what I’ve known all along… Omarosa is un-hireable. She’s burnt too many bridges, lied and lied about lying. No one could possibly hire her and believe she was going to make a trust-worthy employee. Not exactly a great person to have represent your brand…

In what has to be some of the worst brand management in recent history, Clairol is toying with the idea of placing Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, the deceitful “The Apprentice” contestant, in some of their Herbal Essence commercials. Surely, it’s a bid to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame but one that could go sour as consumers threaten to boycott Clairol products if the company makes this brainless move. [Adrants]

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  1. We just saw Omarosa on a Burger King commercial. We will NEVER eat at Burger King again and will try to get as many people possible to do the same!!!

    Boycott Burger King!!!

  2. Totally agree. This woman is a race bater and a terrible, terrible person. Someone should get together a petition on this.

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