Comcast now with Moxi

Steve Perlman created WebTV, sold it to Microsoft and then went on to create Moxi which merged with Digeo, now owned by Paul Allen. Up until today’s announcement that Comcast is going to test their set-top boxes only Charter (also owned by Paul Allen) were giving them a whirl. The box has capabilities well beyond what your average cable customer is used to, though the Scientific Atlanta 8000 is close on the DVR front. The main difference is that these boxes can serve as media centers and stream pictures and music through to a home theater in addition to their DVR capabilities. There’s even a wi-fi connection kit that allows a second TV to get in on the action so you can really have a slick set-up for your home.

I first picked up on this unit in news from the January 2001 CES, where it won a best in show… but has been heard of little since other than the deal with Charter.

Here’s some more on what we knew then….I’m hopeful this test is positive and that other carrier are attracted to the use of the box as well. They say it supports HD and can be connected to burners for archival though no word on how exactly the DRM might limit things…

Comcast to offer a Moxi set-top box :: U P R E Z :: Inside DTV

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