RSS Can Help You Land a Job?!

I’m still working on the getting a job part, but am enjoying feeds from the major career sites in my newsreader instead of dealing with email links to web.

RSSJobs is a new service that helps you keep track of new postings on (kinda like the eBay RSS service a couple posts back). It is my understanding the Monster already provides a search agent that will e-mail you; but none of like giving out our e-mail addresses to big scary corporations any more, right? Post your resume� ahead of the crowd with little help from RSS. Yippie! (I love all these great new services.)

[Lockergnome’s RSS Resource]

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  1. 8/17/2004 at 7:07 pm, a niche job board for the Wireless and Mobile industry, also has an RSS XML job feed. You can easily import your job search into any RSS reader.

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