The latest from Digeo/Moxie

WHOA! The Digeo/Moxie platform now works on both Motorola and Scientific Atlanta cable boxes which hopefully means some amazing set-top boxes are coming soon…

Consistency across both Moxi PowerKEY and Motorola BMC versions gives operators national reach for new revenue-generating media center-services, including high-definition TV (HDTV) watch-and-record digital video recording (DVR with two tuners), and eventually Jukebox, Photos, Games and home networking. By creating versions of the Moxi Media Center that are compatible with conditional access systems of either Scientific-Atlanta or Motorola networks, Digeo has established a universal cable platform for advanced services.

“Providing PowerKEY compatibility for the Moxi Media Center software confirms the strength of our reference design architecture, and highlights the benefits of partnering with Digeo to provide advanced services,” said Jim Billmaier, Chief Executive Officer of Digeo. “The consistent Moxi platform provides cable operators with a mix of Scientific-Atlanta and Motorola deployments to unify and consolidate marketing, training, and support for advanced services across their national network.”

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